New British Taoiseach Keir Starmer moves into 10 Downing Street

The new Taoiseach of Britain, or Great Britain, or possibly the United Kingdom, we’re not really sure and neither are they, but anyway, Keir Starmer, has moved into 10 Downing Street.

Mr Starmer has already appointed his new cabinet and named Angela Rayner as his Tánaiste.

The Brits tend to call our sitting Taoiseach “The Irish Prime Minister” because they simply can’t be bothered learning how to say Taoiseach, the disrespectful pricks, so it’s time we returned the favour until they learn some manners.

As for the election result itself, Labour won an historic landslide victory after running their campaign with the slogan Vote for Change.

The British public did just that, although among the things Starmer has admitted he won’t be changing are brexit, foreign policy, arms sales, nationalisation, council funding, tuition fees, the tax threshold, the electoral system, corporation tax, the two-child benefit cap, doctor’s pay, climate change, illegal immigration and pretty much everything that affects the everyday life of the average Brit.

We can only look on in envy. Enjoy the change folks. It sounds amazing.