Nobody turns up for Dublin Pride Parade as they’re all gone to Taylor Swift

There was a poor turnout at today’s Pride Parade in Dublin and organisers are blaming the fact that it clashed with Taylor Swift’s concert at the Aviva Stadium.

A crowd of around zero lined O’Connell Street in the city centre where the parade was due to take place. However, just a few miles away Taylor Swift mania was in full swing as Dublin’s Aviva Stadium welcomed 60,000 of the singer’s devoted Irish fans, all of them gay.

We asked Pride Parade organiser Zak Johnson how on earth they didn’t foresee this issue seeing as being gay and being a Swifty go pretty much hand in hand.

“What a load of prejudice nonsense.” he snapped. “You clearly have very outdated views and opinions. The LGBTQAI+ community come from all walks of life and listen to all sorts of music. Frankly it’s both offensive and ignorant to suggest otherwise. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m in a hurry. What’s the quickest way to the Aviva?”