Outrage as TV host Lorraine Kelly repeatedly refers to a man as ‘he’

UK TV host Lorraine Kelly has been accused of “transphobia” after she repeatedly referred to a man as “he” while discussing the outfit singer Sam Smith wore to a movie premiere.

Smith, a fully intact biological male with a willy and balls, insists on being referred to as “they” even though he is definitely only one person.

While hosting her ITV daytime show, Kelly said to guest Vogue Williams “He’s going to stand out in that outfit. He knows what he’s doing that fella.”

Twitter immediately erupted with well over 10 people condemning the host.

One person posted “How dare Lorraine misgender Sam Smith. Everyone knows he’s a they. I mean they’re a they.” While another said “Blatant transphobia! Lorraine is worse than Schofield and should be imprisoned for hate speech.”

Smith of course can refer to himself however he wants but incredibly, broadcasters and journalists everywhere have caved in and agreed to butcher the English language too rather than talk properly and risk being labelled transphobic.

In fairness to Sam Smith, he said he holds no grudge against Lorraine Kelly, telling reporters he’s sure she meant no offence.

“I, and when I say I obviously I’m a they, or a them, so them hold no grudge, no wait, holds, coz I’m plural, we’re plural, we are, I am a them, we’re a them, not a he, never a he, so we, as in me, or them. Or is it they? Sorry, what was them talking about again?”