Keith Richards hints at Rolling Stones concert in Ireland next year

After a staggering 60 years of making music, The Rolling Stones are still going strong and are gearing up for yet another world tour.

The legendary rock band will embark on the “Hackney Diamonds” tour, beginning next year, in support of their brand new album of the same name.

The band held a press conference in London yesterday to promote the tour and we asked 108 year-old guitarist Keith Richards if they plan to do a show in Ireland.

“Ireland. Love it man. Love it. Yeah. Ireland. Yeah. Fantastic. Go on Ireland. Guinness. Brilliant. The Irish. Yeah man. Ireland. Wow.”

We also asked him if he has any particular fond memories of their last gig in Ireland when they played Croke Park in 2018.

“Yeah, yeah. Particular. Yeah. Fond. Wow. Brilliant. Particular and fond. Yeah. 2018. Yeah. Yeah. Ireland.”

So there you have it folks. Straight from the horses mouth. Are the Stones coming back to Ireland? Who knows? Keith Richards certainly feckin’ doesn’t.