Trump Tells Native Americans To Go Back To India

Donald Trump has said that Native Americans who don’t like America are welcome to go back to India. The comments were made during a press conference in Washington last night after the president was asked why he appeared to make fun of the American Indian Foundation in a tweet earlier this week.

He replied “If American Indians don’t like what’s happening in America they’re welcome to go back to India. See how they like having no toilets and travelling to work on the roof of a train and being attacked by elephants like in Sweden.”

As the reporter who asked the question began trying to explain everything that was wrong with what Mr. Trump had just said, he was interrupted and shouted down by the President.

“Sit down. You’re fake news. I respect our Indians. I grew up watching cowboys and Indians on TV and although I always wanted the cowboys to win ….. well of course I did, who didn’t? I mean come on, they were fighting Indians for Christ’s sake. As if I’m gonna be on their side. Running around half naked. Bunch of savages. Anyway, where was I?”

The President also used the occasion to update reporters on the progress of the wall he is determined to build along the Mexican border, telling them that he believes the wall will be built and completely finished by the end of 2020.

Mexican President Andrés Obrador welcomed the announcement and said he intends to have his tunnel under the wall finished around the same time.