Spain To Introduce Travel Ban On Gingers

Spanish Government officials have announced that they are to introduce a ban on gingers entering the country in a controversial new policy which will come into effect early next year.

Incidents of sun stroke and other heat related illnesses have soared in recent years putting a huge strain on Spain’s emergency services with figures showing that over 90% of victims are ginger. The move has already been condemned as racist and xenophobic by EU leaders but Spain’s Minister for Tourism Juan Fernandez has denied the accusation.

“Ginger is not a race and Spain will not single out any particular countries while enforcing the new legislation. Having said that our airport security staff will be paying close attention to flights coming in from Scotland and Ireland.”

Spain’s health service spends millions every year treating ginger tourists who seem to think they can sunbathe like normal people, however it would now appear that authorities there have finally had enough.

Only last week 21 year old Irish ginger Thomas McCarthy – who had just landed in Malaga – was walking from the plane to the terminal building when his head suddenly caught fire.

“These people do not belong in the sun. How do they not understand this? It’s not safe for them here.” said Mister Fernandez. “If there’s anything more stupid than a ginger paying money to go to a hot country then I’ve never heard of it. Did Jews book trips to Auschwitz during the second World War? Of course not. What are these people thinking?”

He also said that Spanish Police operating in the country’s main tourist areas will soon be given orders to arrest gingers on sight. Those caught will be deported and will receive automatic lifetime bans from Spain and all it’s territories including the Canary Islands.

Mister Fernandez also didn’t hold back when we asked him what advice he had for Irish gingers who might be thinking about ignoring the ban and travelling to Spain anyway. “Oh just fuck off to Tayto Park and leave us alone.”