Bambi Thug fan Michael D Higgins hails ‘historic night for Ireland’

Michael D Higgins has hailed Ireland’s Eurovision entry qualifying for Saturday’s final as an historic night for Ireland.

President Higgins was in attendance last night at the Malmo Arena in Sweden and was seen jumping for joy when Ireland was named as one of the finalists.

The President, who is a huge admirer of Bambi Thug, said he always believed in the song Doomsday Blue and never doubted it would reach the final.

“It’s a mighty song. Great stuff altogether. I’d describe it as gothic-metal with a touch of electro-pop. Very powerful. It makes Metallica sound like Mary Poppins.”

However, Archbishop Eamon Martin has today called on anyone who watched Bambi Thug’s performance on TV last night to report to their local church immediately for Exorcism.

He told RTE’s Morning Ireland “I watched it myself. When it was over I poured a gallon of holy water on my television and said 200 decades of the Rosary. Then just to be sure, I burned my house down. You can never be too careful when it comes to Satan.”