Protesters Gathered Outside Met Éireann Claim Storm Barra Is A Hoax

Conspiracy theorists have held a protest outside Met Éireann headquarters in Dublin today claiming Storm Barra is a hoax created by the government and the illuminati. Banners reading ‘Met Eireann Is The Storm’ and ‘Fuck Off You Lying Cunts’ were held aloft as the protesters were told it’s just a bit of wind.

Speaker Brian Dunne told the crowd “This is meteorological tyranny. Remember, they can’t force you to stay indoors or to wear a nice warm coat if you have to pop out. It’s your right to refuse. Just turn off RTE news and you won’t even know there’s a storm. Eileen Dunne is lying.”

We caught up with Brian after the protest and asked him if he’s always been mental or if it’s just a recent development.

“Shut up!” he replied. “You’re the mental one. How can you fall for this hoax? This storm is part of an as yet unknown evil plot. Haven’t you noticed that if you rearrange the letters of Storm Barra it makes Arab Control? Give or take a few letters.”

Brian also told us the vaccination programme is all part of a sinister government ploy to control the world’s population and claimed that once all the people of Ireland are vaccinated Micheál Martin will press a button and everyone who took the jab will drop dead.

“Can’t you see the government wants to kill us all. They want to control us. I mean they want to control us first obviously and then kill us. That’s how they’re going to kill us. But only after they’ve controlled us for a while first. At least I think that’s what that website said. Did I mention facemasks contain chemicals that turn people gay?”