Tokyo Bound Raheem Sterling Added To Great Britain’s Olympic Diving Team

England footballer Raheem Sterling has been added to Great Britain’s Olympic diving team and will join up with the rest of Team GB after Sunday’s Euro 2020 final. Sterling’s reputation for diving had already attracted the attention of the British Olympic Committee and last night’s spectacular forward thrust finally made their minds up.

“It was perfect. Full marks.” said Britain’s swimming coach Norman Winterbottom. “He has a wonderful technique and as soon as I saw Raheem launch himself forward with his arms outstretched I thought to myself, there’s a gold medal right there.”

Mr Winterbottom admitted he’s not sure if Sterling can swim but said they’ll worry about that bit when he lands in the pool.

Last night’s game was watched by a staggering 26 million people on ITV1. Former England international and co-commentator on the night Lee Dixon surprisingly pretty much admitted it was a blatant dive by Sterling that won the game when he told viewers towards the end of extra time “That was never a penalty by the way” although many England fans think Dixon went too far when he gave England’s Man of the Match award to VAR.