Culchie Trying To Buy Luas Ticket From Parking Meter For Over An Hour Now

A culchie who travelled to Dublin by train today to do some Christmas shopping has been trying to buy a Luas ticket from a parking meter for well over an hour now. 46 year-old PJ Kilmurray from Athlone in Co. Westmeath made the trip to the capital as travel restrictions were eased from today, allowing people to leave their county.

However, after walking out of Heuston Station, Mr. Kilmurray headed straight for the nearest parking meter, believing it to be a Luas ticket machine. That was over an hour ago and the Westmeath native is now seriously starting to lose his patience.

“What sort of a fucking contraption is this yoke?” he fumed. “How am I meant to know how much it costs or where the money goes? Why can’t I just pay the driver? I swear I’m going to put my boot through this thing any minute now. I knew it was a mistake coming up to this kip!”

Recent figures show that over 2,000 culchies have missed appointments in the capital such as job interviews and meetings after getting into difficulty trying to buy Luas tickets.

However the situation may be about to improve as kind-hearted junkies have began hanging around the Luas stops outside Heuston and Connolly Stations offering to help culchies if they just hand them the €25 ticket price and let them do it for them.