Easter Rising Criticised For ‘All White’ Leadership And Lack Of Diversity


The 1916 Easter Rising has been criticised for its all white leadership and lack of diversity.

Chairman of the Irish Refugee Committee Frederick Winterbottom said it was shameful that there were no black or Asian signatories on the Proclamation of Independence and claimed that if there had been, the Rebels probably would have beaten the Brits.

“When I look at old photos and footage of the Easter Rising all I see is white faces everywhere. It’s a disgrace. Maybe if the racist rebels hadn’t insisted on a ‘white only’ uprising things would have turned out differently. I’m offended that so many Irish people today look at those men as heroes when it’s a well known fact that they hated the black and tan people of the time.”

Dublin City Councillor Anthony Caffrey of the United Left Alliance Against Profit Says No To Everything Party sympathised with the views of Mr. Winterbottom saying RTE’s historical TV drama Rebellion, which told the story of the Easter Rising, was also blatantly racist.

“I found it offensive that all the parts were given to white actors. We live in a multi-cultural society and the series did not reflect this. Will Smith would’ve made a great Michael Collins.”