Last Remaining Man Who Still Called Women’s Breasts ‘Diddies’ Passes Away


There was sad news this week when the last man in Ireland who referred to women’s breasts as diddies passed away. Paddy Bracken from Tullamore was laid to rest on Tuesday morning after a short illness. He was a popular character in his hometown and a familiar face on the Irish music scene. Paddy’s close friend Joe Delaney said he will be sorely missed.

“Whenever there was a trad session in town Paddy would be there with a pint in his hand and a cheeky grin on his face. I can still hear his voice. “Hasn’t yer one a grand pair of diddies” he’d say – or “Look at the size of that one’s diddies” and occasionally he’d ask “How’s your wife’s diddies?” Now that I think about it Paddy was probably a bit of a pervert but still, we’ll never see the likes of him again. It’s the end of an era. Paddy was the last of the diddy men.”

It’s sad to think but if you ask teenagers today what diddies are many of them won’t know what you’re talking about. Language tends to evolve over the years and every generation creates its own slang and phrases.

“I know there’s new words out there but they’ll never come close to diddies.” said Joe. “A friend of mine calls them ta-ta’s which I suppose is kinda funny – and I know another lad who calls them wobblers but it’s just not the same. You can’t beat a good pair of diddies.”

Of course in this day and age it’s not acceptable to talk about a lady’s body parts in that manner. Most people would agree it’s a good thing that we don’t really hear men talking like that in public anymore. Joe however is not a fan of political correctness.

“Ah the world’s gone mad. You can’t say anything anymore without some gobshite getting offended. All I can say is it’s a sad day for Ireland when a man can’t compliment a woman on having a cracking pair of diddies.”