Red Cow Roundabout upgrade given green light

Plans to upgrade the Red Cow Roundabout from 3 lanes to 400 have been given the green light by Dublin City Council.

The Roundabout is the busiest road junction in Ireland and was last upgraded 10 years ago. South Dublin Councillor Tony Breslin told us that rather than planning for 10 years ahead again, this time they’ve decided to plan for a thousand years from now.

“What’s the point of adding another lane or another junction and then having to start digging again in 10 years? Let’s build a road fit for a thousand years from now. Hopefully they won’t have flying cars by then or this will all be a complete waste of time, money and effort.”

The project will cost around €900 billion and is expected to cause severe traffic disruption for the next 40 years.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said last month that he would resign in protest and walk away from politics forever if the project was allowed to go ahead.

Dublin City Council admitted this was one of the main reasons permission for the expansion was granted.