Pep Tells City Owners ‘Just One More Billion And We’ll Win Champions League, I Promise’

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has told the club’s owner Mansour bin Zayed Al Sultan bin Zayed Al Khalifa Al Nahyan bin Khalifa that he needs another billion pounds to win the Champions League. Tonight’s dramatic defeat to Real Madrid in the semi-final leaves City still searching for the trophy that continues to elude them and Guardiola cannot escape scrutiny.

“Maybe I picked the wrong starting eleven.” he said after the game. “Maybe my players are bottlers. Maybe Raheem Sterling should stop running like a disabled duck but I know how to fix it. We can come back and win the Champions League next year. I promise. All I need is another billion quid.”

Sheikh Mansour said the result was very disappointing but told reporters that rumours circulating on social media about Guardiola’s fate are untrue and offensive.

“I’ve seen those nasty posts all over the internet saying that I will have Guardiola beheaded and so on because of this defeat. That’s not true and not funny. We are not like that in Abu Dhabi and frankly I find that type of nonsense offensive. He will be given one hundred lashes and nothing more.”

City will return to Premier League action on Sunday when they host Newcastle United at the Etihad and as they are pushing for another league title the stadium is sure to be at least three quarters full.