‘Now Let’s Give Them a Proper F***ing Party To Complain About’ Whispers Defiant Boris

As Boris Johnson turned to his wife Carrie at the end of his speech outside 10 Downing Street earlier today, he forgot to turn off the microphone and was clearly overheard whispering to her “Now let’s give them a proper f***ing party to complain about!”

Mr Johnson was forced to step down after several of his ministers quit or withdrew their support. However, he obviously intends to go out with a bang and is apparently planning to throw one hell of a hooley in Downing Street tonight which he has dubbed his ‘resignation celebration.’

When later questioned by reporters about the comment, Mr Johnson confirmed his plans, insisting MP’s from all parties and political persuasions were invited and said he bares no ill will towards those who ousted him from power.

“This is not a time for division. This is a time for unity and more importantly, a time to get pissed. They’re all invited back to my place. All of them. I don’t care who turns up. Just no fat chicks obviously.”

He also said those attending don’t need to bring their own booze.

“The drinks are on me. Well, on the British tax payer obviously. As if I’d pay for anything out of my own pocket. Why change the habits of a lifetime? Lol.”