Ireland hoping to have all votes counted by Christmas

Ireland has informed Brussels that we intend to have all our European election votes counted and sorted this side of Christmas.

While all other EU countries finished counting their votes and electing their MEPs days ago, the wait continues in two of Ireland’s three constituencies.

Across the other 26 member states, MEPs were elected on Sunday and Monday while here in Ireland, only 5 of 14 MEPs have been elected so far.

The delay is being largely blamed on Ireland’s system of proportional representation. However, Malta has the same system and they’re not still fannying about so how come we are?

David Jeffries is a Professor of Politics at Trinity college and he told us “Proportional representation me hole! I would have counted all the votes myself by now. Twice! And all the transfers too. These people couldn’t run a brothel in a brewery or whatever the hell it is. It’s a national embarrassment worse than Dustin the turkey at Eurovision.”

Meanwhile Taoiseach Simon Harris confirmed yesterday that the next Irish general election will be held in March 2025. Vote counting and final results should be completed by July 2026.