World Series American Footballer Tim Brady Retires From Baseball We Think

World Series American Football Champion Tim Brady has finally decided to hang up his long johns and retire from baseball.

Tim, known affectionately as Tom for some reason, won 72 Superbowls in 20 years and retires at the top of his game having scored 4 touchdowns and a home run in Sunday’s World Series Final against East Coast Champions the Baltimore Buttmunchers.

The MFL star spent most of his career with the Boston Blue Sox and is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarter backs ever to play ice hockey.

On August the 14th of July last year Brady shocked the world of American sport when he signed for the Nashville Nutsacks even though they’re shite for a fee of $80 billion a second, the highest in NWA history.

Brady won the golden boot and 2 silver slippers during his time with the Nutsacks, more than any other EMF football player since the great Babe Ruth.

Tim Brady is survived by his wife Bill Belichick and will be thrown overboard from a ship in shark infested waters off the coast of Rhode Island during a ceremony later today.