BREAKING NEWS … Qatar Shite at Football

News is coming in that World Cup hosts Qatar are shite at football. The tiny gulf state got the tournament underway this evening with a 2-0 defeat to Ecuador in the Al Bayt stadium in Doha.

The host nation of the World Cup has never lost all of their games in the history of the tournament, however that record could be in real trouble at Qatar 2022 because this is the first World Cup where the host nation is shite at football.

Awarding the World Cup to Qatar has been hugely controversial from the start as they’re also shite at human rights. We asked football journalist John Simpson to sum up the host nation’s performance so far.

“Basically they’re shite at everything. It’s a shite country and the decision to award them the World Cup was a load of shite.”

So there you have it folks. Day 1 of Qatar 2022 is over. Here’s hoping for a great World Cup in the weeks ahead with a lot more goals and a lot less shite.