“Meehall? Is That Even A Name? Can’t We Just Call Him Paddy?” Asks Boris

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted to being more than a little confused after being told of the new Taoiseach’s name. Mr. Johnson was giving a press briefing in London when the conversation turned to Miche├íl Martin and how the two leaders might get on during brexit negotiations.

“I’d like to congratulate, Meehall? Meehawl? Meehole? I mean come on, seriously. Is that even a name? Are they not just mis-pronouncing Michael? I think we can all agree that it would be much easier for everyone if we just called every Irish Prime Minister Paddy from now on.”

The Prime Minister is due to phone Mr. Martin this evening to officially congratulate him on his new position and to briefly discuss where things currently stand with brexit. He admitted it’s not the first time he’s found it hard to understand the Irish.

“After their election they were all going around proclaiming ‘Chucky our law!’ What on earth is that supposed to mean? It’s almost as if they have their own bloody language over there.”