Shock As Video Of Loyalists Evicting Elderly Roscommon Family Doesn’t Go Down Well


Irish Bank and Garda officials are said to be in shock today after a video showing apparent former loyalist paramilitaries from the North evicting an Irish family from their farm in Co. Roscommon didn’t go down well with locals and provoked a violent retaliation. In the video one of the ‘security guards’ is seen proudly declaring “I’m not Irish, I’m British” while his colleagues drag an elderly man away from the family farm.

“I don’t see the problem.” said one Garda spokesman who wishes to remain anonymous. “I watched the video. What’s everyone getting so sensitive about? There’s an Irish family being evicted from a farm that’s been in their family for generations by British ….. oh, hang on.”

The alleged former paramilitaries now work for a ‘Private Security Firm’ and Irish financial institution KBC Bank decided it would be a great idea to hire them to evict two elderly Irish brothers and their sister from the family farm outside Strokestown in Co. Roscommon. What could possibly go wrong?

The video was shared widely on social media and at approximately 5.30am this morning a large group of men arrived at the farmhouse and proceeded to beat the living shit out of the ‘security guards’. Local newspaper The Democrat said they were also told that if they ever came back to Roscommon or laid their hands on another Irish person they would be killed.

In Dublin Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was asked for his reaction to the events and said the attack on the security guards was a disgrace adding “What kind of country do we live in when our banks can’t hire loyalist thugs from Northern Ireland to evict Irish people without being assaulted? Now stop bothering me with this culchie nonsense. I’m on me Christmas holliers.”