Mescal Joins Esteemed List Of Irish Actors Who Had To Tell Brits They’re Not British

Irish actor Paul Mescal has joined the long list of Irish actors who have had to explain to the British press that they’re Irish and not British. The Kildare man has just been nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as aspiring writer Connell Waldron in the hit TV series Normal People and as always a large chunk of the British media are finding it difficult to grasp the fact that people from Ireland are Irish.

We spoke to English journalist George Winterbottom who referred to Mescal as British in an article for The Times. I began by asking him if he believes people from Germany are French.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” he grunted. “People from Germany are Germans. People from France are French. The Spanish are from Spain and so on.”

So using that logic and your university degree, what nationality are people from Ireland?

“Well obviously they’re ……… British?”

Paul Mescal of course reacted to being referred to as a British actor with maturity and restraint and simply tweeted the words “I’m Irish.” We at Ireland on Craic however don’t know the meaning of the words maturity and restraint and I ended our interview with Winterbottom by shouting “Up The Ra” down the phone and singing ‘Come Out Ye Black & Tans’ until he eventually hung up.

Next week U2 are planning to hold a press conference to make a major announcement regarding their forthcoming brand new studio album. Will the British press refer to them as ‘British Rockers U2?’ Of course they fucking will.