Woman Checking Out Of Hotel Pretty Sure All This Stuff Is Free


A woman checking out of a Galway hotel this morning is pretty sure the towels, toiletries, cups, saucers, glasses, bog roll and everything else in her room that isn’t tied down is free to take home. 32 year-old Deirdre Malone from Tullamore had a job closing her bag after stuffing it full of what she calls ‘hotel freebies’ but doesn’t believe she’s doing anything wrong.

“They don’t mind you bringing home a few souvenirs. I think it’s expected to be honest. Plus if you bring the towels home the staff don’t have to wash them so everyone’s a winner.”

Deirdre said her house is full of hotel freebies but only small, easily replaceable items and claims she would never take anything of value.

“Nothing they’d even notice. Just a couple of little things like the odd towel, maybe an ashtray here and there, the light bulbs obviously, I always take them out before I leave the room, and I suppose a few pillows and duvet covers. And obviously the iron and hair dryer. Just the usual stuff really. Nothing big. It’s not like I steal the telly or anything like that. I’m not a thief. I can never seem to get it off the wall anyway.”