Trump Says Everything’s Going Great As New York, Chicago And Los Angeles Close Down


Donald Trump has told Americans that everything is going great in the fight against Covid-19 despite the news that Chicago is now joining New York and Los Angeles on lockdown. The US President’s press conferences are getting more bizarre by the day as he continues to make claims that go against all facts.

“Everything is so great right now. I mean really, really great. In fact it couldn’t be any more great. Other countries are looking at us going ‘How come they’re doing so great and we’re doing so terrible?’ It’s because we’ve got great people doing a great job. I’m doing a great job. Everything’s just great.”

The U.S. President initially mocked people who warned about the seriousness of the coronavirus, claiming there were only 15 cases in the United States — a vast understatement — and promised that within a couple of days the number would be close to zero. The number has now soared past 30,000 and is climbing rapidly.

Yesterday Mr. Trump declared an anti-malaria drug a “game changer” in the fight against the coronavirus despite the country’s top infectious disease expert telling him that’s simply not true. He also refuses to stop calling it the Chinese Virus despite no other country or leader in the World doing so.

“America is winning the war against the Chinese virus. Those Chinese picked on the wrong country let me tell ya. Have they forgotten what happened in Vietnam when they backed our enemies and sided against our great nation? That’s right, they kicked our asses and I can’t remember what point I’m trying to make but that doesn’t matter right now because everything’s going great. Really, really great. Did I mention this virus came here from China?”

Mr. Trump will hold another press briefing today where he is expected to tell the American people another load of self-serving crap designed to make himself look good rather than simply telling them the truth.