“We’re Not a Nation of Drunks You Know!” Says Man On 12th Pint


A drunk Irishman has angrily told an American TV reporter that Ireland is not a nation of drunks and that they haven’t a clue about our country. Brian Dempsey from Tullamore was drinking in Temple Bar in Dublin for St. Patrick’s day and met an American TV crew who were filming the festivities around the city.

“You yanks think you know all about Ireland, well you know fuck all!” he told the reporter. “You think all we do is we drink and fight don’t ya? I could box the fucking heads off any of you if I wanted to. Where did I put me pint? Did you take it?”

Dempsey then went on an incoherent 10-minute rant about Americans claiming to be Irish and how much of a bollocks Donald Trump is.

“You think you’re Irish don’t ya?” he told reporter David Mikhailov who definitely doesn’t think he’s Irish. “Well you’re fucking not, right? With your top of the morning and begorrah bullshit. Coming over here with your cameras filming Irish people drinking and getting drunk. Well guess what? We’re not all like that you know. Hang on. Was I holding a pint when I started talking to you? Seriously, who took me fucking pint?”

Dempsey then accused a nearby table of lads of stealing his pint and got into a punch-up. He later fell asleep in the toilet and pissed himself.