Trump Calls For All Americans Who Didn’t Vote For Him To Be Deported


President Donald Trump has called for all Americans who didn’t vote for him to be deported from the United States. The President was talking to reporters at a White House press conference this morning and was asked if he had anything to say to all the people out there who voted for Joe Biden.

“If they didn’t vote for me they’re communists and they hate America so let’s get them out of here. See how they like living in some backwards commie hellhole like Belgium or Hawaii.”

Trump falsely claimed victory last night with millions of votes yet to be counted and bizarrely said counting those votes amounts to stealing an election, leading many within his inner circle to question his mental state, as well as their own mental state for supporting the mad cunt.

A worrying sign emerging across America today is mobs of angry Trump supporters gathering outside vote count centres trying to intimidate officials. In States where Trump is winning they’re demading no more votes are counted and in States where Biden is winning they’re demading all remaining votes are counted.

For a group of people who are often portrayed as being not the most educated this certainly seems to be a whole new level of stupid but what can we expect from people who spent years stocking up on guns, ammunition and canned food so they could shelter during a global crisis and then protested for the last few months that they shouldn’t have to shelter during a global crisis. God help America!