Irish Nationals Who Wear Socks & Sandals Abroad To Be Stripped Of Citizenship


Emergency legislation drafted today and set to become law from midnight tonight will see all Irish nationals who wear socks and sandals abroad stripped of their citizenship.

Government spokesman Kevin Delaney told reporters at a press briefing this morning people should realise that as an Irish citizen abroad you are representing your country.

“As most of you will know this has been coming for a while. We had hoped that simply encouraging people not to do it would be enough but too many of our people seem determined to embarrass the nation in front of others and we’ve finally had enough. We’re also working with foreign governments to have these people banged up abroad.”

We spoke to one Irishman who regularly wears socks and sandals on holidays but wishes to remain anonymous.

“I like to wear sandals on holidays but they sometimes cut into my feet so it’s more comfortable with socks on.” said the stupid cunt. “It also stops me getting sunburn on my feet.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs is encouraging Irish citizens abroad who encounter their fellow countrymen wearing socks and sandals to report them to the nearest Embassy or Consulate and also to give them a good slap.