Huge Day For Irish Sport As English Football Team In Champions League Final

Liverpool fans

Irish barstool supporters of English football teams can barely contain their excitement as the Champions League Final is upon us at last. Pubs nationwide will be packed with people referring to a football team from another country as ‘we’ while getting into arguments and fights with other Irish people who refer to other English teams as ‘we’ even though none of them are from those places and most of them have never been there.

We spoke to some Irish Liverpool fans ahead of tonight’s big game to get a taste of the excitement and giddiness that’s building around the country.

Tony Breslin is a born and bred Dubliner so naturally he supports a football club from the North of England. “I’m Liverpool through and through.” he told us proudly. “I live for the ‘Pool and I never miss a game home or away all season (on telly) and obviously it goes without saying that I hate Man United.”

Of course if Grimsby were one of the biggest clubs in England then Tony and half of Ireland would be massive Grimsby fans and hate Scunthorpe United but as somebody once said – it’s a funny old game.

36 year-old Thomas Delaney from Dundalk is a married Father of 3 who sees nothing sad about having the crest of an English football club as your profile picture on social media.

“It’s who I am.” said Thomas. “Nothing matters more to me than the ‘Pool so it’s only right that’s what people should see when they visit my page. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wife and kids too but their achievements hardly compare now do they? Come and see me when you’ve won five European Cups love. Maybe then we can talk about including you in my profile picture.”

Thomas also claims to be Liverpool’s number one fan.

“Nobody can tell me there’s a bigger Liverpool fan than me anywhere in the world. Hail, rain or shine, I don’t care. The weather never stops me. If Liverpool are playing I’m there. Watching it in the pub.”

18 year-old Martin Connolly is a member of Galway’s Liverpool Supporters Club and has been supporting his beloved Reds for well over two seasons now having previously supported his beloved Chelsea and his beloved Manchester City. We asked Martin if he considered switching back when City won the English Premier League this season?

“What the hell do you think I am, a glory hunter?” he replied angrily. “Of course not. How could I do that? I’d just bought the new Liverpool jersey and it was nearly ninety fecking quid.”

Meanwhile FAI officials have said that security procedures at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin are to be reviewed after the recent friendly between Liverpool and Athletic Bilbao. There was major crowd congestion and kick-off had to be delayed for over an hour as more than 50,000 Irish Liverpool supporters tried to get their barstools through the turnstiles.