‘Who The Hell Are The Ra And What Does Chucky Our Law Mean?’ – Boris Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that he will work with any Irish government and told reporters the special relationship between our two countries will continue as before. Mr. Johnson said he has been watching news from Ireland carefully since Saturday’s election but admitted there are a couple of things he doesn’t fully understand.

“We’re hearing rather a lot about the Ra. Obviously it’s an abbreviation for something but we’re not sure what. We have the RAF here so I’m guessing it may well have some sort of military connotations, probably the Royal Auxiliaries. So yes, up the Ra! Well done everyone. And no doubt Chucky Our Law is some sort of Gaelic celebration chant like God save the Queen or Rule Britannia so that’s all jolly good.”

Mr. Johnson said he hopes an Irish government can be formed as soon as possible so the two countries can get back to work on Brexit.

“I would like to assure the Irish people that the British government is looking forward to working with your new government, especially on the border issue, and our security forces will work closely with their colleagues in the Ra. Together we can make Brexit work. Chucky Our Law.”