Telly To Be Shite For The Next Few Days

Telly will be shite for the next few days and maybe even longer due to the death of the Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle yesterday surrounded by members of her family, even the ones she couldn’t stand.

Many people in Ireland tend to watch British channels and TV shows due to most of the stuff on Irish telly being pure shite. However, UK TV will now also be shite as they mourn the death of their Queen with non-stop round the clock tributes.

The BBC for example seem intent on reliving every minute of her life again and again and again and have shown the very same footage over nine hundred times since she died yesterday.

Queen Elizabeth was Britain’s longest serving monarch. As her son Charles becomes King at the age of 73, he will almost certainly end up being one of their shortest serving monarchs.

So Prince Charles, as he was known, now becomes King Charles III. Irish political leaders are being asked to be careful when saying his name in an Irish accent as King Charles the turd may be misinterpreted as an unacceptable insult and could trigger another invasion of Ireland.