Over Half Of All WhatsApp Videos Now Turn Into That Screaming Orgasm Lady

We’ve all been there. You’re at home watching telly with your granny. Your friend sends you a video on WhatsApp. It could be anything from a cute kid falling over to a spectacular Premier League goal. You turn the volume up to get the full effect. Then bam! Suddenly you’re both listening to a woman screaming in ecstasy as she’s obviously getting one hell of a seeing to and your heart fills with dread. You scramble to stop the video but it’s too late. You can feel your face turning bright red and granny now thinks you’re a dirty little pervert.

Statistics show that over half of all videos sent via social media today turn into ‘screaming orgasm lady’. It’s gotten so bad that many people are too afraid to open any video so they don’t, just in case. WhatsApp creator Brad Johnson says it’s really annoying because people are missing out on some top quality content.

“Our records show that approximately 25% of videos sent via WhatsApp today are never opened because people are terrified it will turn into screaming orgasm lady half way through. Of the videos that are opened, over half are watched with the volume turned to mute for the same reason. How the hell can people enjoy a cat playing a piano or an old man doing the Gangnam Style dance with the volume off? They can’t. That woman has ruined WhatsApp. I hope she’s happy. I hope it was worth it. Although in fairness it sounds like it probably was.”