Man Angrily Demanding Change Of Government Not Going To Bother Voting


A local man who is demanding a change of government has said that he won’t be voting in the general election. 54 year-old Brian Larkin said it’s time to kick the main parties out and let someone else have a go instead as we need a complete overhaul in Irish politics.

“We need a new government. Not Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil. Get them out now. Or Labour. They’re gobshites. And don’t even talk to me about the Greens. Dickheads! Also Sinn Féin are wankers and People Before Profit are knackers.”

So what party would Brian like to see being given a chance to run the country?

“None of them. They’re all a lying shower of bastards. Every last one of them. I hope none of them get in.”

Are there no candidates in Brian’s constituency who he’d even consider voting for?

“No. I wouldn’t vote for any politician ever. Especially members of parties and independents. They’re the worst. Believe me I know Irish politics and I keep up to date with everything that’s going on and voting for any of that shower is a complete waste of time.”

Well did he at least watch the leaders debate last night and who does he think came out on top?

“Don’t be ridiculous. Like I’d miss Love Island for that shite.”