Grandads Switch From Light Cardigans Back To Heavy Cardigans As Temperatures Plummet To 20 Degrees


Having spent all week in light cardigans due to the sunny weather and high temperatures, Grandads all over Ireland are expected to get back into their heavy cardigans again as temperatures drop to around 20 degrees Celsius. It was hoped they would get another few days in their light cardigans but the sight of a single cloud is usually enough to send them all scurrying back inside for their heavy cardigans.

72 year-old Peter Digan said he’ll be sad to see the light cardigan go but told us you’d want to be suicidal to wear one in this weather.

“These last few days have been lovely.” said Peter. “God knows we don’t often get the chance to wear light cardigans in this country but they’re saying it’s going to change from fierce warm to fairly warm and you can’t take chances at my age so I suppose I better put the heavy cardigan back on or I might die.”

One day last summer Peter and his good friend Dinny Mooney were sitting in Peter’s garden having tea when Dinny – who was wearing a vest, t-shirt, shirt, jumper and cardigan as well as long johns and a wooly hat – suddenly dropped dead with heat stroke. It’s a day Peter will never forget but he still finds it hard to believe.

“I don’t think them doctors know what they’re talking about.” he said. “It just doesn’t make any sense. He was wearing his light cardigan. I tried to tell them that but they thought I was mad. More than likely the poor man froze to death.”