‘How Can Anyone Watch That I’m A Celeb Shite?’ Says Man Who Definitely Watches It

A local man who claims reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ is the worst thing on television definitely watches every minute of it. Brian Donnelly from Tullamore began tutting and shaking his head disapprovingly in the staff canteen of his workplace this morning when he overheard two co-workers discussing last night’s episode of the new series.

“Don’t tell me you watch that crap.” said Brian. “Lord God Almighty. The missus loves it too. As soon as it comes on I go into the other room watch football and DIY programmes. I mean Ant and Dec were really funny last night and fair play to the two lads for getting nine stars while being buried alive with snakes, I didn’t think Jordan was going to do it at one stage but seriously, how does anyone watch that shite?”

Brian said he would never watch any reality TV and anyone who does is just plain dumb.

“Big Brother was the worst. Probably the worst programme ever made in television history actually. No wonder it finished. Cameron should never have won the last series. He was the most annoying housemate since Craig in series 6. Cian clearly deserved to win it. Honestly I don’t know how anyone watches any of that sort of rubbish. And I bet Liz from Coronation Street won’t do that trial tonight either. It’s the eating one. I love it when they puke. Lol. Terrible programme.”