Sky Sports Agree To Add Swearing Chants To Fake Crowd Noise

Sky Sports have agreed to add chants that include swearing to their fake crowd noise during Premier League matches. English football made a welcome return last week but all games are being played in empty stadiums to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Sky and other broadcasters have been showing the matches with added crowd noise to enhance the atmosphere for viewers. However, some fans claim it’s not real enough without the swearing and it seems that bosses at Sky Sports agree after they issued a list of abusive chants that will be heard by viewers during all games from now on. Sky’s John Dunne told us more.

“Is it really football if there’s no foul-mouthed abuse being hurled at players and officials? Frankly no, it isn’t. Our team of experts have drawn up a list of the most popular abusive chants and songs heard at Premier League games and we’ve decided to include some of them in our coverage.”

So what chants in particular are being allowed?

“All the classics really. No game is complete without the ever popular ‘The referee’s a wanker’ whenever he gives a decision against your team so that’s in and every time a player deemed to be above average weight touches the ball he’ll be greeted by chants of ‘You fat bastard.'”

Sweary chanting will be heard for the first time tonight when Manchester City host Burnley. As always at the Etihad the away fans will be heard giving the home fans a rendition of the classic ‘Your support is fucking shit’.