Shane Lowry’s Granny Still On The Brandy


The grandmother of golf hero Shane Lowry is apparently still on the brandy since Shane’s sensational victory in Royal Portrush last weekend. Emily Scanlon won the hearts of the nation when she was interviewed on RTE the day after her grandson won his first Major, telling the interviewer she found it hard going and emotional to watch. “I haven’t had a brandy since 2009.” she said, adding “I had two yesterday and they nearly killed me.”

However, it seems Emily has found a second wind and has continued the celebrations ever since. At Shane’s homecoming in Clara on Tuesday evening she told reporters “I think those two brandies I had on Sunday must have given me a taste for the stuff because I’ve had four bottles since and there’s not a bother on me.”

Celebrations lasted well into the early hours in Clara on Tuesday night as an estimated 20,000 people turned up for Shane’s big homecoming. Shane himself admitted it’s probably time to start winding down the celebrations and was heard in his local telling family members “That’s it! I’m partied out and I’m going home to bed.”

However, Granny Scanlon said the party was only getting started and convinced everyone to get taxis to the Palace Nightclub in Tullamore. The session continues.”