Dublin Man Who Had Been Mocking Coronavirus Drastically Changes Tune

A Dublin man who up until last week had been laughing at and mocking the coronavirus has drastically changed his tune. Brian Dempsey from Tallaght spent the first few weeks of the coronavirus outbreak arguing on Facebook and posting comments like “It’s just a flu for fuck’s sake” and “Coronavirus me hole.”

However after accidentally switching over to the news last night which he never normally watches, Brian now won’t leave the house without wearing a space suit.

“Jesus Christ people are dead because of this thing. I mean actually completely dead as in they’re never going to get better. Has this been on the news much? Why did nobody mention it? I got this space suit on ebay last year for a fancy dress party. Little did I know at the time it would save my life one day.”

Brian said he feels like a twat for doubting the gravity of the situation and wishes he hadn’t been so nasty to people who were taking it seriously.

“I called one woman who said she was self-isolating a mental bitch. I feel bad now. No-one should talk to their grandmother like that.”