“My First Term In Charge Was All Someone Else’s Fault!” Trump


It was his campaign slogan during the last Presidential election but as we approach the end of Donald Trump’s first term in the White House, has he managed to make America great again? Has he fuck!

The U.S. is a country in chaos. In Trump supporting strongholds across America, businesses, bars and restaurants – urged on by the President – have reopened causing the number of deaths from Covid-19 to spiral out of control. The United States has the dubious honour of being the coronavirus capital of the world. Oh and he never got to build that wall.

In an unprecedented move the National Guard has now been sent in to try and put an end to the rioting and looting escalating in cities across America. Hilariously Trump was going to use the slogan ‘Keep America Great’ for this Presidential election until it was pointed out to him that the entire country is now an absolute shit-show and that would probably be a mistake.

The big question of course is will the people who voted for Trump the last time vote for him again? The answer is – of course they fucking will.

Trump’s supporters response to him telling the world’s media that disinfectant would be injected into people to cure Covid-19 was to claim he never said it even though he said it on camera. So all the indications are he still has the support of people who see something and then claim they didn’t see it because it never happened.

With those sort of morons on his side it is estimated he should get around half the voters of America supporting him again.

The US Presidential Election takes place on November 3rd and all the rest of the world can do is watch on in disbelief and wonder what in the name of Christ has happened to America.