6am Pints In Airport Bar Hailed As Best Part Of Holidays


Drinking in the airport bar before an early morning flight has been hailed as the best part of going on holidays. The results of a survey taken by Irish holidaymakers also show that many people purposely book ridiculously early flights just for the traditional ritual of the early morning airport session.

We spoke to customers in the Garden Terrace Bar in Dublin Airport first thing this morning to find out what the attraction is. Firstly we spoke to Kevin D’Arcy from Kildare who was on his way to Lanzarote.

“Necking a few pints at 6am in a busy bar packed with people going on holidays is the most wonderful thing you’ll ever do in your life. It’s like entering a whole new world where there are no rules and everybody’s happy. I imagine this is what heaven must be like.”

Mark O’Neill from Finglas in Dublin agrees.

“I like to get here around six hours before my flight so I can get a good sup in. The buzz you get from skulling pints at this ridiculous hour of the morning is deadly. Besides, what else are you gonna do in an airport, be one of those weirdos who get something to eat and have a coffee? Where’s the fun in that? Boring pricks!”

Chris Dowling was part of a stag party heading to Prague but seemed to be struggling with his beer.

“I’m forcing this down me neck but it’s making me gag. I think I might actually puke. I drink this stuff when I go out but not at this fecking time. This is ridiculous! I need tea not beer but we’re on the lash for the weekend and we’re Irish so I suppose I better just get it into me. I’d say it’ll get easier after the sixth or seventh pint.”

Whether we like it or not, we Irish have a reputation around the world for being rather fond of the drink. Ryanair recently called for a pre-10am alcohol ban in Irish airports after a flight from Dublin to Corfu had to be diverted to Paris because of three ‘disruptive’ passengers. We asked Captain Roy Kinsella from the Irish Pilots Association if he felt such a ban was needed.

“No I don’t believe it would necessarily resolve any issues and I think our reputation for being a nation of heavy drinkers is over exaggerated. It’s nothing more than an offensive stereotype and it’s simply not true so why let a handful of idiots spoil it for the rest of us? Personally I find a few early morning pints helps me relax and fly the plane better.”