Scorching boiling heat blast incoming as temperatures to reach a sizzling 19°C

Ireland is set to bask in glorious sunshine this weekend as a scorching boiling heat blast will bring temperatures nationwide up to a sizzling 19°C. Wow!!

This follows on from last weekends scorching boiling heat blast where temperatures in many parts of the country reached a staggering 20°C. Jesus!!

We asked Brian Molloy from Met Eireann what’s going on and why they’ve suddenly started using the term ‘heat blast’ in their forecasts.

“The type of weather we’re experiencing now hasn’t been seen in Ireland since this time last year so we think it might have something to do with the fact that it’s June. Also heat blast sounds a lot more dramatic than heatwave, don’t you think? It just sounds more scorchy and burny.”

People are urged not to ignore the heat blast warning this weekend and to stay indoors at all times. If you go outside you’ll probably die.