Religious leaders call on archeologists to stop finding stuff that makes their beliefs look ridiculous

The fossil of a herbivorous dinosaur, as big as an American male bison, has been discovered on the Isle of Wight.

The hefty dinosaur, now called Comptonatus chasei, roamed the earth around 125 million years ago.

It is yet another discovery of dinosaur remains that happens frequently around the globe and religious leaders have finally had enough.

Most of the main religions believe the universe was created around six thousand years ago by an invisible magic man who lives in the sky.

The regular discoveries of skeletal remains that are millions of years old makes religious leaders uncomfortable to say the least as it is actual evidence that everything they preach is complete nonsense.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew – spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church – released their first ever joint statement today calling on archaeologists to stop finding stuff.

“Every archaeological dig is an attack on religion and we ask these scientists to end their blasphemous activities.” the statement said.

“It is also totally unnecessary. We already know the entire history of the world. One day, God decided to make everything so that’s exactly what he did. The end.”

In several southern states in the USA parents have began removing Barney the Dinosaur books from local kindergartens.