Local Man Regrets Organising World Cup Draw In Work After Picking Out Australia and Peru

man upset

A man who organised a World Cup draw in work has been left bitterly disappointed after he firstly pulled out Australia and then Peru. John Grogan spent all week enthusiastically encouraging his workmates to get involved and convinced them all to put in €10 per team. The machine operator from Wicklow now says he wishes he hadn’t bothered.

“It’s not fair.” said John sulking. “We should’ve seeded the teams. We should’ve put all the good teams in one hat and all the shite teams in another and got everyone to take one from each group. That way everyone would have a fair chance of winning the money. That way I wouldn’t have got Australia and Peru and Tommy fecking Delaney wouldn’t have got Brazil and Germany.”

Sadly of course Ireland failed to qualify for this year’s tournament in Russia but in workplaces all over the country draws have been made to keep people’s interest alive with the added incentive of maybe winning a few euros if their team can go all the way to the final.

Meanwhile back in Wicklow John asked his workmates to run the draw again using his seeded teams idea explaining that there wouldn’t even be a draw if it wasn’t for him. They told him to fuck off.