Local Man Working From Home Just Realised He Can Get Drunk Any Night He Wants Now

A local man who has been told to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak has just realised he can get drunk any night he wants now. 42 year-old Brian Gillespie from Tullamore said he can treat every night like a weekend night now because he doesn’t have to go anywhere the next morning and his boss can’t smell drink off him over the phone.

We asked Brian why he would want to get drunk every night.

“Because I can. As a general rule I tend to get shitfaced every night that I don’t have to go to work the next morning. For me that’s usually Friday and Saturday night but now it’s actually every night. What a time to be alive.”

Brian said there are many other benefits to working from home like not getting dressed.

“I’ve been sitting here in my underpants all morning sending emails and scratching the balls off meself. This is what work should always be like. I have to say I think if more people would just give this coronavirus thing a chance they might find that it’s not all bad. Apart from the whole dead people situation obviously.”

Photo created by yanalya – www.freepik.com