Local Man Cannot Believe Nobody Has Replied To His “Hilarious” WhatsApp Post


A man who posted what he described as “an absolutely hilarious comment” on his favourite WhatsApp group has been left confused and dejected by the lack of reaction it received. 20 year-old Kevin Connolly from Tullamore has been staring anxiously at his phone for over four hours now wondering where the hell all the Lols and Laughing Emojis are.

“I don’t get it.” said Kevin. “Did they laugh and then put their phones away or did they just not laugh? How am I supposed to know? I just wish someone would reply something. Anything. Maybe I shouldn’t have sent it at all. Maybe it’s not as funny as I thought it was. I knew I should’ve read through it again before putting it up. I just hope none of them found it stupid. I really hope they don’t think I’m an idiot now. Oh God what have I done?”

Doctor Luke Molloy is a consultant neurologist at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital and he says Kevin appears to be showing all the symptoms of WhatsApp Trauma.

“WhatsApp Trauma is a relatively new condition which obviously came along with the invention of smartphones and social media. The main contributing factor which lies at the heart of the condition is the fact that there’s no way of knowing if people enjoyed your post if they don’t reply. It almost feels like you’re a stand-up comedian who has just delivered a punchline only to be met with total silence from the audience. It can be quite a traumatic experience for the more sensitive types among us.”

Meanwhile Kevin decided he’d waited long enough and finally accepted that nobody in his WhatsApp group was going to reply. He decided to play it safe and posted the same hilarious comment on his Facebook page instead to his 720 friends, most of whom are always up for a good laugh. Unfortunately nobody replied again.