‘What Feckin Day Is It?’ Asks Everyone

Everyone in the country is today wondering what day it is as the annual Christmas holiday confusion takes hold. Due to most people not going to work and in fact not going anywhere, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a weekday or the weekend so nobody really gives a shit.

We asked RTE newsreader Eileen Dunne what day it is because she seems like the sort of person who’d know what day it is.

She told us “It’s Sunday you think cunt. Yesterday was Christmas day which, as everyone knows, fell on a Saturday this year so today, St Stephen’s day, is Sunday. How can you not know that?”

So there you have it folks. Confirmation from the lovely Eileen Dunne that today is in fact Sunday. Join us next week when we’ll be asking ‘Ah Jaysus it’s not over already is it?’ We probably won’t bother Eileen Dunne this time though.

Photo by freepik – www.freepik.com