Migrants Caught Climbing Back Into Lorry After Spending 2 Days In Wexford


Sixteen migrants who were found in the back of a lorry on a ferry travelling from Cherbourg to Rosslare on Thursday have been spotted trying to climb back into the lorry after spending two days in Wexford.

The men received medical attention when the ferry docked in Ireland on Thursday afternoon and were then free to walk around the town of Rosslare while they waited to be processed under immigration legislation.

It is believed they began to regret their decision almost immediately and just after sunrise this morning the group attempted to sneak back onto the lorry, praying that it would take them “as far away from this place as possible”.

The men, who are believed to be Kurdish, are said to have fled persecution in Iraq and Iran but claim nothing they have ever seen or been through could’ve prepared them for Wexford.

The final straw for the 16 asylum seekers came when Davy Fitzgerald turned up with 16 hurls screaming encouragement at them and inviting them to tog out for training on Monday. The group believed they were being attacked by a lunatic and ran away with at least five of them jumping into the sea.