County Westmeath Closes For Reconstruction


Westmeath has closed down for reconstruction and will remain closed to the public while the entire county being is demolished and rebuilt. All roads in and out of Westmeath were closed at midnight last night and a demolition crew moved in first thing this morning. Westmeath County Councillor Barney McCabe explained the reasons behind the reconstruction.

“Let’s be honest it’s a bit of a kip, so we’ve decided to bulldoze everything and start again. This has been coming for years. There’s nothing here for anyone. We can’t hold onto our young people. Many Westmeath villages can’t even put a football team together. Over half of our school leavers every year emigrate to faraway places like Laois and Offaly and those who stay are taking a huge risk. Last month alone over 500 people living in Westmeath died of boredom.”

The M6 Motorway cuts through the county and was built with huge fir trees lining both sides so people could travel safely between Dublin and Galway without having to see Westmeath. Councillor McCabe said the motorway will remain open during the rebuilding of the county.

“People will still be able to drive through Westmeath at high speed on the M6 like they’ve always done while we get busy knocking the place down. This time next week please God Mullingar will be gone and then we can get to work on Athlone.”