Met Eireann: Weekend Weather To Be Mixed But Mostly Shite


Met Eireann has said the weather for the rest of the weekend will be mixed but mostly shite. Earlier forecasts predicting warm, sunny conditions for the weekend turned out to be completely wrong as usual and anyone thinking about getting the lawnmower out at this stage is just codding themselves.

Dry, bright conditions this morning will give way to wet, dark conditions this afternoon. The miserable weather will persist for the rest of the day and also the rest of the month and most of the year.

Clouds on Sunday morning will cover the whole country in a dark shadow of bleakness and anyone who expected anything else is reminded that this is Ireland and the weather here has been shite since the beginning of time and will remain that way forever.

Quelle surprise!! The forecast for next week is ….. shite! What a shocker. Bring on the coronavirus I say. Let’s get it over with once and for all.