“Weather’s Gone To Shite” Agree Local Aul’ Ones

auld ones

Two elderly ladies who stopped for a chat when they ran into each other early yesterday morning are in agreement that the weather has gone to shite. Kathleen Digan and Betty Murphy from Tullamore hadn’t seen each other in a few days and as always the first and only topic of conversation was the weather.

“That’s a wet one.” said Kathleen to Betty as she recognised her friend coming towards her. “Oh it is.” replied Betty. “Wet and windy. It’s gone to shite altogether now so it has but at least it’s not freezing yet. That’s the main thing.”

Kathleen agreed that was indeed the main thing but wondered how long that situation would continue.

“They’re giving frost for Sunday night but they said the same thing this week 14 years ago and there was no frost so if you ask me they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

The two friends spent the next 8 hours reminiscing about all the different types of weather they’d seen over the last 60 years. Eventually they both agreed they’d been chatting long enough and decided it was time to go home before they both starved to death.

“God look at the time.” said Kathleen. “It’s after 6 o’clock in the fecking evening. I better go home Betty.”

“Me too.” replied Betty. “If we hurry we should make it home in time for the weather forecast.”