Weather Shite Again


The bank holiday weekend is over and so it would seem is the glorious weather that came with it. During the last three days barbeques were sizzling all over the country and the people of Ireland consumed 5 million burgers, 10 million sausages and 800 million cans of bulmers. Unfortunately the weather has turned shite again and the forecast from Met √Čireann is not good. Here’s what we can expect for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Breezy and wet until mid-afternoon when it will become even breezier and wetter. A bright spell will spread across the country for about 4 seconds before disappearing behind a big dirty bastard of a cloud.

Wednesday: A wet day overall with top temperatures of around 1 degree. Fresh southerly winds will blow your garden furniture out onto the road and through your neighbour’s windows.

Thursday: A pleasant start to the day from around 6am will turn unpleasant from around 6:15. Dark grey clouds as far as the eye can see will spread misery and depression nationwide. Heavy downpours followed by scattered showers and then some rain.

Friday: Wind. Rain. Windy rain. Rainy wind. Wet windy rain with some heavy rain in places followed by windy wind and rainy wet rain. Expect generally shite conditions for the rest of the year.