Local Auld Ones Have 8-Hour Conversation About The Weather

auld ones

Two elderly ladies who stopped for a chat when they ran into each other early yesterday morning finally decided to head home after they realised it was starting to get dark. Kathleen Digan and Betty Murphy from Tullamore hadn’t seen each other in almost a few days and as always the first and only topic of conversation was the weather.

“That’s a cold one.” said Kathleen to Betty as she recognised her friend coming towards her. “It is.” replied Betty. “Colder than yesterday but not as cold as Tuesday and about the same amount of cold as Monday. At least it’s still dry Kathleen. That’s the main thing.”

Kathleen agreed that it was indeed the main thing but wondered how long that situation would continue.

“They’re giving rain for later but they said the same thing this day 14 years ago and it didn’t rain so you never know.”

The two friends spent the next couple of hours reminiscing about the many occasions when the weather forecast gave rain but it didn’t rain and the times they didn’t give rain but it rained. Betty told Kathleen that her least favourite type of rain is windy rain.

“Oh I hate windy rain. Rainy wind isn’t too bad but that windy rain is the worst. You need to be inside at my age at the first sign of windy rain or you could catch your death of cold so you could.”

“Oh you could.” agreed Kathleen. “Remember poor auld Liz, God be good to her. Put her bins out during windy rain, less than a year later she was dead. The doctors of course said it was the cancer but I guarantee you it was the windy rain that killed her.”

8 hours after first bumping into each other both women agreed they’d been chatting long enough and decided it was time to go home.

“God Almighty look at the time.” said Kathleen. “It’s after 6 o’clock in the fecking evening. I better go home Betty.”

“Me too.” said Betty. “If we hurry we should make it home in time for the weather.”